The Captain Foundation is a registered Non-Governmental Organization NGO in Ghana West Africa.

The Captain Foundation operates as a Centre of Excellence in Education and Research, Sustainability and Sustainable Development Advocacy.

The Centre’s mission is to embark on Social Enterprise projects within its scope of jurisdiction towards Social, Environmental and Economic Dividend

Captain Schools

VISION: Contributing towards Poverty Alleviating through Free Tuition quality Private basic Education for the underprivileged.

The School is a Social Enterprise providing Free Tuition high-quality education for the lower income group and the underprivileged in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region, Ghana

MISSION: To revolutionize access to high-quality basic education for the lower income group and the underprivileged in our society.

Christian formation is an integral part of Captain Schools and we embrace wholeheartedly all other faiths.


Helping the children in building a firm foundation for their social, emotional and cognitive development.

To help strengthen the literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills of the children that enable them succeed in school and life.

Our specially-trained teachers know that a child learns not only through her head, but also through her heart and hands. Therefore the lessons in artistic work like painting, drawing and music, ring games, drama and crafts. Captain schools empowers children with true knowledge, creativity, and the ability to take initiative

Donation of Books and Stationery, Water, Beverages and other items by Twellium Foundation to Captain Schools, facilitated by @collectivemediagh @iam_amandiva

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