Part of every trans-generational development comes through a sure and secure transfusion of affirmative influence from the existing generation to the inbound. The wider a generational crevice grows between this distinct sets of generations, the more the repetition of historic failures would inevitably occur.


When fathers transfer pertinent knowledge to their children, the seed of greatness are never destroyed. For a continent like Africa, many homes have lost their essential history in heaped soils. Not the history that sheds relationships of trust and united progress into nothingness, but the kind that will lead millions of people to the discovery of germs of advancement.

For the generation yet to take over the affairs of their nations and the continent at large, the road to this discovery is not for the faint-hearted, but those with great ambition and perseverance. Ethics is certainly a foundation that cannot be avoided or looked upon, so is a change strategy.

Dr. Charles J. Buckman with Mentees Edith Geraldo de Lima, Atsu Geraldo de Lima & Eve.

In reality, we’re not centuries away from enlightenment though it is evident that it can take many years for a mindset to be able to turn around the turmoil in our gradually-neglected homelands and communities, to resurrect from our lifeless ways and to begin a seamless trans-generational vibe and pursuit. For where there is no pain, there is ultimately no gain.

Source: WORDS

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