Driving your purpose towards personal development, including continental development, calls for further understanding in various life precincts. Dr. Buckman shares insight in the following:

” The individual himself must be hungry to change, if you’re never hungry, it is not coming.

What the youth need, though some already have, is strength of character.”- Dr. Charles J. Buckman

Mentality and Education

Most people go through the university, but the university doesn’t go through them. Many people, from the cabinet to the flag staff house, need to understand this reality. Education is just a platform for you to begin to use your mind; education is just a foundation. The days where you slap your certificate on a wall to let everyone know that you’ve achieved and yet aren’t going anywhere are over.

Dr. Charles J. Buckman making a presentation during a TedX Talk in Accra, Ghana.

The cemetery is packed with people who never fulfilled their dreams and aspiration because they were told all sorts of negative things, and they gave up. But your mind is renewed through education, and knowledge helps you to renew it. Knowledge is now capital. I’m happy I have enough knowledge to be able to pass on to the next generation.

The New Africa Is You, The People Who Embrace Global Challenges.” – -Dr. Charles J. Buckman

Work and Responsibility

You have to be responsible and work. You have to be something. When I studied at Adisadel College, I became responsible. When I completed, I took on management in a restaurant. I had little knowledge about management when I first started, but taking on the role as a manager catapulted and pivoted me. That was my developing moment.

Principles and Ethics

For most people, ethics is right in their heads, and not in their hearts. Isn’t it interesting that 70% of the workforce in Ghana profess to be Christians, but where lies the values of Christians? Principles are relevant to our society. Based on our cultural background, people need to have ethics, even when working in the corporate world, coupled with their Christian values.

Discipline and Consistency

Let’s look at this. Discipline, like love, is not taking a big stick and whipping somebody. It is reform, where you help and rehabilitate people to turn around. We got to be disciplined, and to be consistent in what we do. You cannot be disciplined and not be consistent. Both go along together.

The New Africa Is You, The People Who Embrace Global Challenges.” – -Dr. Charles J. Buckman

Collaboration and Partnerships

Partnerships are vital to be effective in any venture. Africa hasn’t learnt that. I have a team of researchers and communicators, and a creative team. The Charles Buckman Foundation is not just me. There are people who advise me, and it doesn’t have to be formal.

That synergy doesn’t mean that that person is coming to steal your vision, because, at some point, you need to disclose the vision. I have so much hope in the new Africa, which is why I brand myself as a motivational speaker, a credential that inspires people, guide and help people.

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