The world has resumed What went to sleep in the wake of the outbreak, come, awake to breathe. Now goodbyes said, before the Sun went down, were actually never meant.

Nap times observed, ends in brief, As everyone heads for the door, Helter skelter, work begins Helter skelter, the roads are full again,

The man who left in a haste His lover behind, sprint back in haste, With flowers, Oh may the merry begin.

But things that used to be, Aren’t same anymore And what laid us to sleep Linger boldly in the light

The church is anxious, Preacher men, worry their flocks May go astray, others too ponder, Their offerings may stray away

School children in the light of day Parade, home sweet home, But the one, who’s stuck At the mercy of mad parents Pray, when school will resume.

I can’t imagine life after, When all this is over, When the virus that invaded Man’s privacy, is conquered, Cornered into it’s lair,

When all smiles that were lost to tears Will spread down, on cheeks again And the world, as it is, will go on and on, with a praise and without a break.

Written By:

Doris Mawusi Amemo is a University graduate from the University of Ghana Legon with a bachelor degree in Psychology. 
She is a poet, voice over artist, and a lover of arts. She has great love for children and prays all children stand the chance of having their good dreams coming true.
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  1. This is a great piece. God bless you and make your name be heard across the world as the greatest poet ever. God bless you Doris Mawusi Amemo.

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